WTS: EU: CHEAP lvl 85 paladin lvl 85 priest and lvl 80 warrior

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    Hi i wanna sell my account with lvl 85 paladin lvl 85 priest and lvl 80 warrior for cheap because i stopped playing wow.

    Class: Bloodelf Paladin eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...zeladin/simple
    Item level: 356
    Spec: Holy pve and Holy pvp
    Proffesion: 525 Engineering //// 525 Mining //// 525 Archaeology
    Mounts: Black Drake Mount //// Black/Tan Riding Camel
    Titels: Assistant Professor //// Associate Profssor //// Of The Nightfall //// The Patient
    280% flying mount skill.
    115k hp and 91k mana unbuffed.
    2669 Resillence in PVP gear.

    Class: Undead Priest eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...laaspop/simple
    Item level: 326
    Spec: Shadow and Discipline
    Proffesion: 525 Enchanting //// 511 Jewelcrafting //// 525 Fishing //// 525 Cooking //// 432 First Aid
    Mounts: Blue Drake Mount //// Blue Proto Drake //// Great Brewfest Kodo //// Black War Mammoth
    Titels: Bloodsail Admiral //// Brewmaster //// Elder //// Jenkings //// Patron //// Of The Ashen Verdict //// The Argent Champion //// The hallowed //// The Love Fool //// The Noble //// The patient
    280% flying mount skill.
    93k hp and 63k mana unbuffed.
    No pvp gear.
    55 unique companion pets.

    Class: Orc warrior eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...warrior/simple
    Item level: 261
    Spec: Protection and Fury
    Proffesion: 525 Alchemy //// 451 Herbalism //// 356 First Aid
    Mounts: Time-Lost Proto drake //// Blue Drake Mount //// Black War Mammoth
    Titels: Of The Ashen Verdict //// The Patient
    280% flying mount skill.
    46k HP unbuffed

    I got like 7-8k gold on all characters
    On my paladin i got some Archaeology items rare/epics.
    On my priest i got a own banking guild with 2 guild tabs. I got Benediction a lvl 70 epic staff.
    And some other funny stuff.

    pm me or reply so i can pm you my msn/email
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