WTS: EU: Cheap level 85 Troll Rogue

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    I'm the ORIGINAL OWNER of this account. You will get every information you need for this account including my copy of ID. The account is available until 28th february.

    Server: Jaedenar
    Faction: Horde

    Achievement points: 1420 (nothing interesting)
    Mounts: Epic fly + Breaking the Sound Barrier (310% speed)
    Pets: The one from love event loot box
    Titles: None

    Proffesions: Herbalism 525/525 ----- Inscription 511/525

    Itemlevel: 334 (no epics full cataclysm blues)
    Reputation: Almost exalted with The Earthen Ring

    Price: Accepting your offers (if your offers will not satisfy me then i will put a price) via paypal if you're verified
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Thread Status:
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