WTS: EU: Cheap account fast sell please.

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    Selling my wow account cheap and fast sell... need the money.

    85 paladin human epic flying ret/holly and tank gear.
    80 mage gnome
    80 pladin bloodelf
    80 rogue night elf epic flying
    71 DK draeni
    69 druid night elf
    63 priest draenei
    60 warlock gnome
    60 warrior worgen

    RAF account... has both mounts Zebra and rocket... you choose where the rocket goes (what character)
    5k net gold.

    Looking for fast sell for fast money.... have my first car.... need money for tax ect.

    BUY PRICE - im looking for £100 POUND .... I AM OPEN TO OFFERS NEAR.... (ONO)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.