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    So hey guys, I do alot of leveling and PvP, if you check my previous posts I have alot of characters to offer.

    I am currently taking it into consideration of leveling characters, gearing them, and so forth.

    That means IF you buy a character off me the character will have :

    FULL PvE + PvP offspec gear. ( I will PvE the mainspec and PvP offspec )
    FULL professions suitable for the character in choice.
    310% flying mount.

    This is just the basics, every character will ofcourse come full enchanted and gemmed, you may ask me what I currently have in stock and I will let you know, I am currently only working on Alliance characters.

    Horde characters will be coming along shortly also, feel free to post on here and i'll get back to you to discuss more stuff.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.