WTS: EU: BUY £ 49.99..SUPER CHEAP>WTS: EU: WOW Level 85 IMBA RESTO SHAMAN.Middleman Seller Guide

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    WELL im selling so cheap i need the money quick! Due to no money for food at university!.

    Average item level, 344. 100,000 hp, 72,000 mana.

    Flying mount: can also fly in azeroth.

    1000g on the account to get you started plus will tell you how to make 1000-2000G an hour, using mining and JC.

    ALTS, Level 82 mage, rested abit aswell, 4bars of 83.

    BOTH alliance, in a level 18 raiding guild, downed 9/12 the guild the shammy has downed 3/12.

    All rare, two epics. (359).

    Enhance spec as off spec, some enhance gear! not amazing though

    With this you get all content, downloadable from battle.net when i give you all the information.

    Mining, 525 on mage with his own guild for storing money in and bank slots, 85 shammy in guild, ready to raid! and do heroic of course easily.

    Anyway 2600 achiev points never really got into the achievment thing.

    The account has never been banned and has about 15days sub time left.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.