WTS: EU: bnet upto wolk 3x 80, 3x 60 - 75

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    Warrior, Dead Knight, and Hunter
    Shaman, Rogue, Mage

    And few more under 50

    Cleaned with warrior Ulduar 25 hm, and Trial of Crusader 10 hm, and some 25 hm
    - got zul gurub tiger
    - max bs, mining, fishing

    Dead Knight and Hunter are ulduar 25 normal and toc normal/hc geared
    -hunter got max min and herb
    -dk got max enchanting and jc

    Around 10k gold, all charachters are on same realm. Jaedenar.

    Price: 100$ or 70€
    We can use Service, its up to you.

    Accepting MoneyBookers, PayPal, and on poker sites: pokerstars and fulltilt

    U can get any other info on private messege.
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