WTS: EU: Blood Elf Priest ★ 368 ilvl ★ Winged Guardian ★ 1.5 Month Gametime ★ 7 Alts

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    I can show you the character in game and i accept any common payment method

    Please also check my customers thread to see the amount of accounts i sold and their feedback

    Level 85 Blood Elf Priest | WoW World of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory - this gear can also be used for shadow but also got like 9 items with no spirit inlcluding 2 trinkets + 4k JP

    Winged Guardian
    Amani Battle Bear
    Swift Green Hawkstrider
    Swift Purple Windrider

    She is ready for Faction Change / Race Change / Paid Character Transfer / Rename

    - 1.5 Month Gametime
    - 7k Gold
    - Tabard of Shattered Sun
    - 7 ALTS all between level 55-79

    PRICE: 79 GBP / 89 EURO
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Thread Status:
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