WTS: EU: Big account for Sale + SC2

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    Hey, I am a Uk citizen, therefore EU account
    Looking for offer, pay via bank to bank transfer (safest method)
    buyer must be able to talk on skype or msn or phone etc., nothing else.

    PM me if interested

    I still have time on my account Until 25 feb
    Account also comes with Starcraft 2 and I have an authenticator as well if you want it
    21k gold overall

    I have, All these characters on the biggest Alliance realm (silvermoon)
    A level 85 Druid (main) Epic Archaeology about 12 rares/epics
    A level 85 Hunter (main alt) 297 Engi
    A level 85 DK (sub main alt) 525 mining 490 Jewelcrafting
    A level 80 pally
    A level 80 mage
    A level 80 rogue
    A level 61 Shammy
    I also have A level 85 Tauren DK on another realm

    Various boe's on the account + money in bags

    Most characters have epic flying, 2 have 310%
    My main is quite well geared ( nearly full pvp gear) (good enough gear too for hc's/raiding)

    I am 100% safe, will provide ID/ my FB anything to secure the fact that I am legit.
    I gave up wow a month ago and do not want to go back :P
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