WTS: EU: Amani war bear, togc10/25m mounts feral/resto/moonkin DRUID

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    It's time to sell this old druid for personal reasons. The druid has been in use since vanilla without any cancelling at any time up until today. The char got lieutenant commander in vanilla. 9.2k achi points, and it's ALLIANCE people just so you know.

    Rare mounts:
    Amani War Bear (70 version)
    Crusaders White Warhorse(Tribute chest togc25)
    Swift Alliance Steed(Tribute chest togc10)
    Plagued Proto-Drake(Naxx10 achiruns)
    Ulduar 10/25 Proto-Drakes
    ICC 10/25M drakes (ICC 10 and 25m achis)
    Raven Lord, obtained back in the days when a druid needed to get it forth.
    Swift White Hawkstrider.
    Travelers Tundra Mammoth.
    And much much much more, just the top of the iceberg.

    Rare titles:
    Bane of the fallen king
    Hand of A'dal
    Champion of the Naaru
    The Undying
    And a shitload of more titles aswell.

    The druid has gear to every specc but is reforged/gemmed atm for Resto and feral tank.

    Feral tank is equal to feral dps minus the trinks, got trink for feral dps aswell.

    Ilvl is 360ish on everything. The char has good rep on the server and finding a raiding/pvping guild won't be an problem.

    There is NO PvP gear on this character. Well I sell this bucket of magnificence dirt cheap for personal reasons as well. Contact me at PM or at my email
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