WTS: EU: Alliance, 6 85's 1 83

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    Hey peeps,

    Im selling my wow account it has the following;

    85 Blood DK 380 ilvl 6/7 firelands hc

    85 Feral Druid (tank) 381 ilvl 5/7 firelands hc (also has 4pc t12 helm + shoulders)

    85 Paladin 350 ilvl

    85 Hunter 350 ilvl

    85 Mage 365 ilvl 7/7 Norm firelands

    85 S.Priest 340 ilvl

    84 Warrior prot

    Never done a server transfer so no cooldowns. The DK has been my main since cata came out and as such has the most a.points around 6k the rest are 2-5k points. The DK has a fair amount of mounts though none that are really rare, allways lost to other guildies or didnt feel like a 200 hour farm for them :P.

    For intrested people I can link to armory etc. If you have any further questions let me know. Willing to use middleman but only with one that has a decent amount of good rep here on THIS forum.
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