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    Hello everyone i fell my adventure with wow comeing to and end thats why its time for me to sell my precius account.
    Account include: WoW - cata, SC2, Diablo 2
    WoW chars:
    Hunter - main most love character, curently in guild ranked TOP 100 in the world: over 11k achiv points, over 100 mounts, 45 exlated rep and much more
    DK - lev 85
    Priest - lev 85
    Mage - lev 80
    Rogue - lev 80
    Shaman - lev 80
    Warlock - lev 70
    Warrior - lev 64
    Druid - lev 50
    Paladin - lev 23

    For more info contact me via PM
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Thread Status:
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