WTS: EU: Account with lvl 85 Shaman+Death Knight and a few alts

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    I would like to sell my account which contains a lvl85 Shaman(Enhancement Main Spec), lvl85 Death Knight(Blood Main Spec), lvl73 Druid, lvl69 Hunter. They are all on The Maelstrom server. There is around 75k cash gold on the account and another 50k worth of Darkmoon cards and decks in shamans bank.Shaman also has Sand Stone Drake which is worth around 50k gold on her server. Both the Shaman and Death Knight have 310% riding skill, the druid has 280% and the hunter has the normal flying skill trained. Shaman has Inscription/Leatherworking fully trained and she is practically a money making machine if you bother to spend some time. Death Knight have Skinning/Mining fully trained. The others doesnt have any proff. worth mentioning Both the shaman and the death knight are ready for raiding tho the shaman has better gear.

    If you are serious about buying then send a pm here for more information and armory links.
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