WTS: EU: Account with 3 Server Firsts and lots of chars.

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    I'm the original owner of this account and I've recently quit.

    The main character on this account is a Draenei Shaman, level 85 with ilvl 348 which has been an alt in cataclysm. However, it possesses many feats of strength including:
    Realm First! Celestial Defender - Algalon 25 server first with related title.
    Realm First! Death's Demise - Yogg + 0 server first with related title.
    Realm First! Fall of the Lich King - LK 25 heroic server first kill, no title for this one but obviously comes with The Light of Dawn title. This kill was world 35, so it's pretty respectable.

    This shaman has roughly 5k gold, 525 alchemy/JC and 310% flying with ulduar 10/25 and ICC 10 # mounts. Elemental and Resto specs.

    My main character in Cataclysm was a feral (tank) druid with full resto gear, it's got acheivements for 7/13 heroic kills in 10 man and obviously a Shattered World title. It's also got 310% flying and roughly 5000 gold, with 525 alchemy and herbalism. The item level of this character I believe is 364, full epic except the weapon with around 5 372 pieces.

    This account also comes with 4 level 80s:
    Holy/Prot paladin
    Arcane/Frost mage
    Unholy/Frost DK
    Survival/MM Hunter

    Also comes with a level 65 disc priest that's always fun to play!

    I don't know what I'm looking for really, so drop a line here if you'd like to bid.
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