WTS: EU: account - Horde and ally toons 16.5kg on horde side, look for more info

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    Selling my account after a few years of playing, details of characters are below

    Horde(Saurfang Server)

    Level 85 Goblin Shaman (Enhancement/Resto)
    310% Flight speed
    525/540 alchemy and herbalism
    16254 gold
    Full level 85 pvp set with 2.3k+ resilience
    Resto set capable of healing heroic level 85 dungeons

    Level 84 Troll Druid (Balance/Feral)
    280% Flight speed

    Level 72 Blood Elf Paladin (Retribution/Protection)
    280% Flight speed

    Alliance (Turalyon Server)

    Level 80 Gnome Mage (Arcane/Frost)
    280% Flight speed
    Wrath tiered armor
    Almost 5000 achievement points
    over 50 mounts
    many titles
    450/450 alchemy and herbalism

    Level 80 Night elf Hunter (Talents not setup, but dual spec is purchased)
    Some PvP armor
    150% Flight Speed

    Level 80 Draenai Shaman (Restoration/Enhancement)
    Full wrath armor for both specs
    280% Flight speed
    450/450 mining and jewelcrafting

    Level 80 Night Elf Death Knight
    150% Flight speed
    dual spec purchased

    i have most of the level 80 heirlooms and 1 or 2 of the level 85 cloak heirlooms

    I can provide some screenies

    Willing to listen to offers in GBP

    Thanks for looking
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