WTS: EU: Account for sale, 5x85, Battlemaster x 2

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    What we have here is a EU account with 5 level 85 on it, other alts include:

    L83 DK
    L73 Paladin
    L51 Druid
    L71 Priest
    L35 Warlock

    First off we have the rogue (Battlemaster)

    Rogue includes: Deathcharger's Reins, One full set of Darkmantle (unobtainable in game anymore)

    Forgot to add that the rogue has Tabard of Conquest (Isle of Conquest Master achievement)
    ================================================== ========
    Second is warrior (Battlemaster)

    Warrior includes: Red Proto-Drake, Black War Bear, full set of tanking gear (iLvL 378). hes ready for Dragon Soul
    ================================================== ========
    Third is Hunter:

    Hunter includes: 50 mounts achievement, Red Proto-Drake, Argent Hippogryph, Ironbound Proto-Drake, White Polar Bear
    ================================================== ========
    Fourth character is the mage (started in TBC)

    Nothing special about this character except the 4 piece of S2 (merciless) gladiator set for your transmogrification needs
    ================================================== ========
    Fifth is shaman
    (for some reason they cant find him on the armory), gear on this char is mostly blues and 1 piece of ruthless.

    Nothing notable about this character
    ================================================== ========

    Waiting your offers, account can be sold as a whole or each char, not interested in any trades, just cash.

    I am the original owner, have all CD-keys (Cata was diginal purchase from Blizz)

    Remember this is a EU account, thank you.
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