WTS: EU: [A]WTS 85 lock(Very well geared PvE&PvP) 85 paladin with a lot of misc 80's.

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    I'm looking to sell my Warlock along with the rest of my account. I'm looking to sell it fast and somewhat cheap, but I won't be cheated because I know what it's worth, don't bother lowballing me, any offers under 250eu won't even be considered.

    Warlock PvP: Got full vicious(nearly most offpieces as well) no 372 pvp weapon, but I got a 372 PvE weapon to make up for it, some misc PvP achievements such as S3 gladiator (vengeful drake 310%)

    Warlock PvE: Got close to full BiS from PvE as well, missing 6-7 pieces though, got achievements for killing all Heroic 25man bosses except Sinestra & Al'akir 500+JC (can't really remember exact skill) & 525 engineering.

    Armories, through a PM or contact to my email/skype, armory profiles will be handed out (contact information will appear at the bottom)

    85 paladin: Some misc rare/epic holy gear for PvP and PvE (mostly PvP) not much to brag about here, got epic flying 525herb/525mining.

    80 priest: Zulian tiger, most WotLK HC achievements, epic flying, really good gear for leveling the last few levels.

    81 warrior: Zulian tiger, most early WotLK HC achievements, epic flying (310) and about 500 JC/525 mining. Got Thunderfury / the Eye needed for raggy hammer.

    74 mage (epic flying)

    70 TWINK feral druid (basically full BiS sunwell/brutal gear, lacking the guardian offpieces due to lack of vendor at the time)

    I've sold a few accounts in the past, with no issues at all (baught some as well) no scam love you here, I will want to use a middleman, I'm also in a respectable guild (which I will show you if you contact me) I wouldn't want to mess up my/their rep by scamming anyone.

    You can contact me at bisser_maria@hotmail (MSN, with forward to skype after we talk abit, happy to answer any questions regarding my account.)
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