WTS: EU: 85x7's. Unobtainables, Warglaive & Rich Account. MUST SEE!

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    >>Please read before looking on<< This is a serious sale and am looking to sell my account as i want to afford an xbox and other creature comforts. I am the original owner of the account and have all of the CD keys with the Battle Chest. I have spent in excess of ?400 on this account with membership, Expansions, Blizzard Store items and TCG (Trading Card Game) in game loot. I will not be fooled by scammers as ive heard it all before. If you are genuinly interested in this amazing account, then please p.m me.

    Level 85 Male Human Paladin

    5.2k Achi Points

    -- Epic flying (310% (which cost 9k)).
    -- Full tier 6 (Vanity).
    -- 381 ilvl as Holy

    Rare/Hard to get mounts on this char;

    ~ Both Brewfest mounts (Ram/Kodo)
    ~ Netherdrake flying mounts (Onyx/Azure).
    ~ Red Proto-Drake.
    ~ Headless Horsemans Mount
    ~ Grand Black War Mammoth (3 Seater Rare Drop)
    ~ Frostwolf Howler
    ~ Twilight Drake
    ~ Mechano-Hog
    ~ Green/Yellow/Blue Qiraji battle tanks.
    ~ Swift Armoured Blue Wind Rider (Costs 1.8k gold)
    ~ Red Drake (Req Exalted with Dragonblight and costs 1.2k Gold)
    ~ Sandstone Drake


    Level 85 Human Warrior;

    -- Epic Flying (310% Flying)
    -- Full PvP gear
    -- Prot PvE gear (381 iLvl) 2-5 Tier 13
    -- Sandstone Drake
    -- Mechano-Hog
    -- Amani Battle Bear
    -- Travelers Tundra Mammoth


    *Hyacinth Macaw Pet - cost 32k gold!*

    Level 85 Female Human Priest
    --Full PvP Gear (384 iLvl as disc/holy)
    --310% Flying (All Areas)
    --Tier 6 Vanity Gear
    -- Mekgineers Chopper


    Level 85 Female Gnome Mage;

    -- 310% Flying
    -- 2/5 Tier 13.
    -- ilvl 377
    -- Mekgineers Chopper
    -- Twilight Drake


    Level 85 Female Blood Elf Hunter

    -- 310% Flying
    -- 380 iLvl
    -- Kiril, Fury of Beasts (Deathwing Drop)
    -- Almost Acheived Rusted Proto Drake Mount (3 More acheives)


    Level 85 Worgen male Druid;

    -- 310% Flying
    -- Feral / Resto Duel Specs
    -- 377 iLvl as Resto
    -- Sandstone Drake
    -- Mekgineers Chopper
    -- X-53 Touring Rocket
    -- Travellers Tundra Mammoth (19k)


    Level 85 Male Undead rogue;

    -- 310% Riding
    -- 2340 Achi points
    -- Warglaive of Azzinoth (Legendary quality Offhand weapon with Mongoose enchant) + Shard of Azzinoth (Dagger with Mongoose enchant)
    -- Full Tier 6 Vanity Set)


    Character Proffesions

    Alchemy 525/525
    Enchanting 525/525

    Skinning 525/525
    Leatherworking 1/75 - 3k+ in skinning mats

    Mining 525/525
    Herbalism 525/525
    **Easily Farms 3k+ and hour with searching for ores and herbs**

    Engineering 525/525

    Tailoring 489/525


    Sandstone Drake (32k+) x3
    Amani Battle Bear - x1
    13k Gold
    All characters have Mechano-Hog/Mekgineers Chopper Mount - 100k+ spent
    Grand Black War Mammoth - RARE DROP - x1
    Travellers Tundra Mammoth (19k) - x1
    X-53 Touring Rocket -(RAF) - x1
    All Netherdrake Mounts (1k + Exalted with Netherwing) - x1
    Celestial Steed, Winged Guardian, Heart of Aspects, Pandaren Monk - Blizzard Store (?60+)

    Warglaive of Azzinoth **Legendary**

    >>>> Baby Blizzard Bear <<<<
    >>>> Vampiric Batling <<<<

    **** TCG PETS ****
    Landros Lil'XT
    Nightsaber Cub

    **Epic Pets**
    Hyacinth Macaw

    ****Unobtainable Feats of Strength****
    Vampire Hunter - Slew Prince Tenris Mirkblood and aquired his Vampiric Batling Pet.
    Zul'Aman - 70 Version
    Onyxias Lair - 60 Version
    Crashin' Thrashin' Racer - 2008 Winter Gift
    WoW's 4th Anniversary
    WoW's 6th Anniversary
    WoW's 7th Anniversary
    Green Brewfest Stein
    500 Stonekeepers Shards

    p.m me if you are serious,
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