WTS: EU: 85 Warlock + multiple other chars 100 euro

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    Well, after 4 years of this game, I think it's time to say goodbye.
    My account isn't imba, my chars aren't that Cataclysm ready, they we're good only in WOTKL, but I really begin to lose interest after cata was out. So now hopefuly I am going to sell it.

    All chars are on EU server Sylvanas, HORDE.
    Account has a level 85 Warlock, 84 Mage, 80 druid, 80 dk, 80 hunter, 70 warrior, 51 shaman, a lot of low levels. I also have like 14 heirlooms, so you can level up almost any class very fast.
    The warlock is my main... it has 15 titles (kingslayer, ambassador, champion of the frozen wastes etc.), 525 eng (I have JEEVES (lot of farming went into him ), and portable Mailbox. you are a great help in raids), 525 mining, 470+ fishing + cooking + first aid. Archeology is bullshit, never used it. It also has 56 mounts (320% fly speed,), 74 pets. 5560 achievment points. item levle 331.
    If you want armory for all chars, PM me

    I only accept moneybookers, I got screwed over Paypal and have negative balance on it.

    Asking price? 100 euros. I figure it's pretty cheap, all the xpacks and game cost like 80 euros. Plus 20 for all the chars.
    Account is active until the 4th of april. I can show you all chars in game.

    After I recieve the money in my moneybookers acc, you will get the account details, secret question + answer, last 4 digits of credit card used to pay it and whatever else you request
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