WTS: EU: 85 Tank epic gear(some hardmode)uber achi+3good alts +240k g

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    Made an error and posted on the US side , account being EU
    Original post : buysellmmo/85-tank-epic-g...-g-t87961.html

    Got a battle.net account with Wow and Sc2 on it (EU)

    On my wow account i have 1 lvl 85 Druid (main with ~210k g ) 1 lvl 85 Paladin(with about 30k g) 1 lvl 80 Priest and another lvl 80 Paladin , so in total i have about have 240k gold
    My druid is mainspect tank (alliance on one of the top 3 PVE servers) , item level is atm 359 , all items except 2 are epics ( 2 items are heroic items aka 372 level), also got ~1000 Valor points , My achivements points are ~10500 including alote of hard to get achievements, got 34 titles including hard to get ones ,46 exalted factions, 81 mounts including some rare ones like Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, Drake of the North Winds , Rusted Proto Drake , Volcanic Stone Drake and Winterspring Frostsaber.I got full heroic best in slot moonkin gear also. My professions are enchanter and Jewelcrafter both at 525 , all my secondary professions are also capped at 525 inc archeology.I got most of the cooking recipes from Cataclysm and all enchanting ones excluding 2. Ofc 310 fly form.



    .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-22819.html - reason for hidden name etc is that i wana continue to raid if i dont find a buyer

    Also i want to mention that the new 26 slot bags x4, progress wise all bosses availabe killed on normal and 4 on heroic in 25 men.

    2. Paladin (alliance on Bronzbeared ) with good full heroic Cataclysm tanking gear and 310 fly speed with some nice achivements as A tribute to Insanity and Yogg 10 with no keepers , also Blacksmith + Mining almost caped

    3.Priest (alliance on Bronzbeared )Shadow with 270% flying mount ,decent gear

    LE. Also have all caster heirlooms (chest /shoulders/back/weapon/trinkets/head) and some plate dps ones (weapon/chest/sholders/back + haste trinket)

    As i already mentioned on the same battlenet account i have Starcraft:Wings of Liberty aka Sc2

    Wow + Sc2 + uber Druid (achi/gear/mounts etc)+nice alts + 240000 gold (240k )
    I am the solo/original owner of the account .

    I am selling the whole battlenet account for 350 euros.If you have any questions/want more information please pm me, from there we can go skipe/msn whatever.Dont bother if your a scammer , i know the let me log to check stuff and nab the gold trick, it will not happen. Preferably transaction using Service
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