WTS: EU: 85 shaman, shaman and mage.

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    Hello am selling My x2 85 shaman and 85 Mage. 1 top notch main char and 2 alts.

    I am the original owner and can provide ID scan and such.

    Region: EU

    I got about 20k gold on the realm i got all my chars on, My main shaman is pritty much fully geared except t2 wep as I quit before the t2 weps where launched. The alt shaman Got full honor gear and t1 wep and the Mage got abit over half honor gear and t1 wep.

    Am afraid i cant provide any screen shots since i deleted the entire game folder about 30 days ago, and that i havent hadd any game time for about a month. (if its Against the Forum policy i ment no offense to post without.). but i can proivde proffs that the account got Characters as discriped. If i find a serious buyer i will Buy game time and short the last few shizz out before the sale is finished, if nersserly.

    Payment: Paypal or bank to bank Only

    Price: Start bid: 150 Euro
    Buy out: 650 Euro

    PS. pre char transfer and name change i can fix the t2 wep on my main within 2-3 days if preffered and ill take additional 40 euro for the Service.

    Contact: add me on skype: ftwwowftw Or send me a PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.