WTS: EU: 85 Shaman,3 80+ alts, SC2 + WC3

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    On this account there is -

    Gametime till 11/5/2011 10:41 AM

    85 Female Dwarf Shaman
    Achievement points 8890
    Titles -
    29 Including PvP titles up to Knight-Captain, The astral walker, The Undying, Twilight Vanquisher, Professor
    Rare Mounts-
    Black drake, Grand ice mammoth, fossilized raptor, ironbound proto drake, mekgineers chopper, swift white hawkstrider, swift zhevra, travelers tundra mammoth, twilight drake, white polar bear, X-53 Touring rocket, winged guardian, rivendares charger.

    PvP gear 375 Ilevel
    6 part ruthless- neck,head,shoulders,chest, trinket + Weapon
    Enhancement pve gear around 360 Ilevel
    All gear fully gemmed + enchanted.

    Professions -
    525 Enchanting
    400 Tailoring
    525 Archaeology
    293 Fishing
    525 Cooking
    525 First Aid

    Others -
    Current RBG rating 1734
    Many exalted reps
    Almost finished sulfuras
    5k in gold + lots of items in the bank

    82 female blood elf priest
    80 female undead warrior
    80 female blood elf mage

    Other games
    I also have Starcraft 2 - wings of liberty on my account + Warcraft 3 reign of chaos.

    I am selling this account due to being in my second year at college, needing to focus a lot more on getting the work done and generally losing interest into the game after it being so repetitive.

    Post here to show some interest then make me a serious offer through PM
    Contact details will be sent through PM if the offers a good one.
    Payment to be made through Paypal.
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