WTS: EU: 85 PvP Shaman 85 PvP Death knight + lvl 80 Priest / chars have high arena statist

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    I've been playing WoW on this account since 2007. I'm the original owner and simply got bored and need some money.

    The main character is an PvP 85 enhancement shaman with full, up to date awesome (lots of vicious pieces), gear. Level 85 Orc Shaman | WoW Armory Profiles | Masked Armory
    He has 2.6k+ rating in 3s in statistics so finding teams isn't a problem.
    Inscription and Jewelcrafting both above 500 skill. Gear is perfectly gemmed/enchanted under pvp. Got cool mounts like: Netherwing Drake, Twilight Drake, Talbuk, Brewfest Mount etc. Also cool pets like: Mojo (Zul'aman PRO pet), Mr. chilly, most of the event pets etc. 15k gold on this character atm. (willing to help with gold making tips). Has 7 titles atm (inc. some pve titles from tbc and wotlk like: of the nightfall, twilight vanquisher, champion of the naaru etc.) ofc. 280 flying, but np if you want to buy 310% cause there is a lot of gold

    Other char is an lvl 85 PvP Death Knight with semi-ok PvP gear.
    Level 85 Blood Elf Death Knight | WoW Armory Profiles | Masked Armory His flying is 150%. proffesions: mining nearly 500, skinning 187. no special mounts, 2 titles (jenkins and bloodsail admiral ) Has 2350 rating in statistics in 3s so a team wont be a problem either 2.5k gold, a couple standard pets.

    Next char is a lvl 80 Priest which is ready to be lvled further! No proffessions though bank is full of cloths from lvling. 150% flying, 3.2k gold
    Level 80 Blood Elf Priest | WoW Armory Profiles | Masked Armory

    Summing up, WTS 85 sham + 85 dk + 80 priest and some lower lvl alts, total gold is above 21k! Nice achievements, statistics etc. I am up for meeting you guys in-game if you want to see the char etc. Please ask any questions you might have.
    I do have all the expansion keys and will send you my login, pass and secret question when we make a deal. The account is game-play enabled till 24/02/11.

    Please PM me or reply here if you are interested!
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