WTS: EU: 85 PvP Paladin 356 ilvl! + 80 Mage + 35k gold! 100 euro

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    Hey, I want to sell my WoW account which contains:

    85 Human Paladin

    As you can see he has very good PvP Holy gear ilvl 356. 4/5 vicious set pieces + weapon and shield also has PvE ilvl 345 gear!! Both professions maxed out! Enchanting + Jewelcrafting both 525/525.

    He has 4525 achievement points and very high arena statistics! He has the 2.2k rating achievement so finding teams isn't a problem

    80 Draenei Mage

    Mage is ready to be leveled to 85 His professions are Skinning 450/525 + Tailoring 480/525

    70 Gnome Death Knight
    His professions are: Alchemy 450/525 + Inscription 450/525

    The gold available on the account is 35k+ and another (about) 10k in different materials etc

    I have all the account info needed! Login/Pass/Secret Answer/CD keys/ID scan!
    Contact me here/ through SKYPE: jan.sobczynski or email: jan.sobczynski@gmail
    I will reply very fast. Emails within an hour max!
    Feel free to ask any questions you have. If you would like the real armory link or something.. I don't mind using middle man and you don't have to worry about geting scammed. preferred payment method is bank transfer.
    Price is ONLY 100 euro!
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