WTS: EU: 85 Paladin with Tabard of the Lightbringer!

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    Hereby I'm selling my WoW character. a Human paladin male.

    This is a level 85 Paladin, the Character is made in 2006.
    He has the titles; (listing best ones)
    Chamion of the naaru, Justicar, Salty.

    has about 1500G

    Has rare mounts including;
    Raven Lord, Chopper, Sea Turtle, Razasshi Raptor pre-cata, Zul'gurub tiger Pre-cata and more!

    has almost maxed JC 510, and maxed Engi.

    Has awesome stuff like;
    Tabard of the Lightbringer, Sylvanas music box, argent crusade tabard from Scourge event and more.

    has 310% flying mounts, including proto-drake mounts (blue and brown) all Netherdrakes!

    has good exp in arena, 2k achieve in S8 (3s)

    Currently he is almost full Ruthless Holy paladin, with Tsunami trinket, and honor capped.

    The account also comes with a 85 rogue, almost full ruthless + hurricane trinkets, and other alts! he is a Human male.

    also a 85 Priest, with 1900 RBG title. he is a Undead male and has 2k achieve in 2s.

    looking for payment with wired Transfer, bank transfer. PM me if ur intrested,

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