WTS: EU: 85 Paladin and Rogue

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    Looking to sell my wow account (obviously), been playing these toons for a while now, they are both on Darkspear EU. Paladin is full ilvl 359 excluding one ring and the rogue is nearly full epic but its all the new ZA and ZG 353 epics.

    Paladin has maxed Alchemy and Enchanting, Rogue has maxed Herb/Mining. Both have titles and epic flying and i think (i will check) theres about 3 thousand gold on the account at the moment.

    Bonuses include a Gnome Mage lvl 83 and a Night Elf DK 80 (maybe 81 i cant remember).
    DK is on Bladefist Pvp Realm
    Mage is on Eonar Realm
    (Both of them are just toons i leveled and got bored with, havent really achieved anything on them)

    If your interested PM me and i can give you links the armory of all the characters.
    Happy Bidding!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.