WTS: EU: 85 mage, 85 pala + 70/80's

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    Hey guys, i'm looking to sell my WoW account due to lack of funds in the near (and ongoing) future, the characters are on Defias Brotherhood - RpPvP. This account has most of the Heirloom weapons, armor and items.

    85 Belf Mage - My main for a long while, with a large amount of achievements, titles (such as the Light of Dawn), pets (eg. hyacinth Macaw), mounts (eg. scorpion + dark phoenix) and gear. Full flying with a Sandstone Drake mount and also Time Lost Proto Drake mount. Max professions (Enchanting/Tailoring - with most recipes in the game including the expensive bracer enchants). Also has a full set of season 9 pvp gear and full raid gear. Also the leader of a guild at level 6+, has a great rep on this server. Max archaeology.

    85 Draenei Paladin - Full flying unlocked, has the raven lord mount and Kingslayer title, maxed Engineering and mining (with the engineering mounts too) Max archaeology.

    80 Night Elf DK - Full flying, 450 JC

    80 Draenei Shaman - Full flying, 450 ench/mining

    80 Night Elf Rogue - Full flying, 450 alch/herb

    + A druid and priest lvl70+ and some low level alts - i'm open to offers or if you want to chat we can arrange something over IM after you contact me via PM here. I'm looking to leave wow, i'm the original owner of the account, with no bans or infractions on the account. I would like to be paid through Paypal. thanks
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