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    Hello,I'm searching to sell my Characters Warlock and Druid level 85.

    Warlock Undead 85:

    355 iLvl, 4/5 Bloodthirsty set, Vicious Weapons and Vicious/Blood off set.
    Full PvE gear too.
    Titles: Hand of a'dal, Arena master, Assistant Professor, The Kingslayer and other ones.
    50k Honorable Kills
    Mounts: Amani war bear,Swift Zevra,Black Drake and standar Mounts.
    4400 Achievement points
    13 Rep Exalted
    Vanity Gear: Full Wrathfull set, Tbc gear.
    525 Engineering and 476 Iscription
    1000 gold
    310% Fly Riding.

    Druid Worgen 85:
    335 ILvL, PvP gear. Weapon Vicious.
    Titles :Challenger, of The Nightfall, the Patient
    Mounts: Phosporescent Stone Drake from Aeonaxx(Really rare elite) and standar mounts.
    2300 achievements points.
    280% Fly Riding.

    Account active untill 6 March, so all characters can see ingame.
    Plus there is Battle.net Account there is another two WoW accounts.
    -One with Wrath of the Lich king with two level 80, low geared.
    -One with Burning Crusade with some alts.(Not 70)

    Price: Accept Offer (Best offer is 250 eur)
    Payment : Moneybookers
    Add me on Messenger: [email protected]

    Warlock,with amani war bear:

    Druid with Phosporescent Stone Drake :
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