WTS: EU: 85 Hunter (363), 85 DK, 4x80+ alts (Very cheap)

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    Hello! I have the account for about 5 years now (with the feasts of streangth to proove it). The chars are on Sylvanas-PvP EU.

    *85 Worgen male Hunter
    361 ilvl PvE & 363 PvP. 310% Fly Speed, 20 Titles (Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Elder, Guardian of Cenarius and 17 more :P), 72 Mounts (Black War Steed, All the Netherwing Drakes, Blue Proto-Drake, Fosilized Raptor and still going for the Qiraji Battle Tank ... and many more), 36 Companions (Magic Lamp, Phoenix Hatchling and many more), 31 Exalted Reputations (allready Honored with the new Firelands). Skin & LW 525 (Epic recipes), Arch 525, First Aid 525. 6 k + achiv points ... and many more!

    *85 Worgen male DK
    347 ilvl. 280% Fly Speed. 3xT11 tanking set. Still working on it

    *81 N Elf male Druid
    463 Herbalism , 450 Inscription

    *81 N Elf male Priest
    425 Enchanting, 400 Tailoring

    *82 Dwarf male Warrior

    *80 Draenei female Paladin
    450 Mining, 447 Engeneering

    *61 N Elf Rogue, 55 Undead Warlock, 39 Goblin Shamman

    Please note that all chars are available for char transf, race / faction / name change.
    The accounts has all the 1-80 Hairlooms +1 1-85 Hariloom back.
    I`m the original owner and can provide everything u need regarding the account: cd-keys, SQ and SA, ID copy and everything else someone might req.
    Send a message if interested, with your offer if possible.
    Thank you and take care!
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