WTS: EU: 85 Goblin Warlock ilvl 357 PvP + PvE gear 2 months pp left. 135 EURO! MUST SEE!

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    Hey, I want to sell my account with an 85 goblin warlock on it. His ilvl is 357.

    PvE gear is ready for all content! (8 epics, rest 346)

    PvP gear is ready for arena at very high level! (7 vicious, rest bloodthirsty) 3.5k resil!

    He has 2 max proffesions! Alchemy 540 + Herbalism 525.

    Titles such as: Kingslayer, of the Nightfall, Twilight Vanquisher..

    Mounts such as: Drake of the West Wind, Headless Horseman Mount, Black War Mammoth..

    He has arena statistic upto 2.2k tr and 2k pr.

    600 rBG rating (good for start).

    Gametime till 27/04/2011!!

    It's no problem for me if you want to see the character ingame.

    I have all the cd keys, id scan, login, pass, secret question answer.

    I've already sold an account through these forums! You can trust me!

    Prefered payment method is a simple bank transfer.. Other stuff is doable aswell i guess. I am 100% legit, don't mind using middleman service.

    Contact me through these forums or skype: jan.sobczynski or email: jan.sobczynski@gmail I will reply very fast! Within an hour max.

    Price is only 135 EURO!

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