WTS: EU: 85 Druid/Shaman/Warrior /w allts

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    I have three 85 characters, one 82, 2 80s and a few alts between 20 and 80.

    Level 85 Druid Feral/Resto in ilevel 359 pvp feral gear. Has full heroic resto pve gear in the bank.

    310% flying. Not many mounts as this is a fairly new lvl 85. Rolled him # cataclysm.

    2935 Achievement points

    1536 J.P
    450 V.P
    760 C.P
    2109 honour

    510 Jewelcrafting
    518 Enchanting
    525 Cooking
    525 Archaeology
    244 Fishing

    About 1k gold but with professions that easily manageable.

    Lvl 85 Warrior Arms/Prot. Another new 85 not much on her.
    350ilvl PvP gear with the Arena 2h weapon and the Arena Sheild. Armspvp with Prot offspec.

    3130 Ach points

    645 J.P
    490 V.P
    108 C.P
    901 honour

    525 Mining
    525 Inscription
    502 First Aid
    Low level Cooking and Fishing

    Lvl 85 Enhancement/Resto Shaman
    Most room for improvement on this character, another new 85.
    Started on enhancement pvp gear.

    2325 achi points

    500 Leatherworking
    525 Skinning

    Other Alts worth mentioning
    Mage lvl82 with max herbalism
    Priest lvl 75 with max alchemy
    Rogue lvl 60

    All these chars are on the same server but I do have a Death Knight and a Hunter on another server.
    These are my old PVE characters from wrath and they have the usual pve titles Kinglsayer/of the Nightfall etc

    DK has 450 in Blacksmithing and Engineering
    Hunter has 450 in Jewelcrafting and Enchanting

    The DK also has the most achievements on him at 6160.
    He has over 50 mounts and over 30 titles, including all the holiday ones.
    The mounts he has include some proto drakes and the albino drake.

    All this will be sold together, please PM me for more info.

    The account has an authenticator attached but can remove and post if needed.
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