WTS: EU: 85 druid most epics 10k achi+207k gold+ Priest/Paladin alts + SC2 ( 1 2)

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    Just recreated my original post after forum restoration


    I have a battle.net account with Wow and Sc2

    On my wow account i have 1 lvl 85 Druid (main) 1 lvl 85 Paladin 1 lvl 80 Priest and another lvl 80 Paladin , also i have 207k gold
    My druid is mainspect tank (alliance on Silvermoon) , item level is atm 354 , all items except 5 are epics , also got 1500 Valor points , My achivements points are 10330 including alote of hard to get achievements, i got 34 titles including some hard to get ones ,46 exalted factions, 81 mounts including some rare ones like Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, Drake of the North Winds , Rusted Proto Drake , Volcanic Stone Drake and Winterspring Frostsaber.I got full heroic best in slot moonkin gear also. My professions are enchanter and Jewelcrafter both at 525 , all my secondary professions are also capped at 525 inc archeology.I got most of the cooking recipes from Cataclysm and all enchanting ones excluding 2. Ofc 310 fly form. Also i wana say again i got 207k gold , 180k on my druid and the rest on my paladin.
    Also i want to mention that i got 3 epic 22 slot bags and a 24 epic one(portabal hole)
    Again forgot to mention i killed all bosses on 25 except Neferion who will die in the next few days


    2. Paladin (alliance on Bronzbeared ) with good Cataclysm tanking gear and 310 fly speed with some nice achivements as A tribute to Insanity and Yogg 10 with one keeper , also Blacksmith + Mining almost caped and a few rare mounts inc Rusted Proto Drake

    3.Priest (alliance on Bronzbeared )Shadow with 270% flying mount ,decent gear

    As i already mentioned on the same battlenet account i have Starcraft:Wings of Liberty aka Sc2

    Wow + Sc2 + uber Druid (achi/gear/mounts etc)+nice alts + 207000 gold (207k )
    I am the solo/original owner of the account .

    I am selling the whole battlenet account for 420 euros.If you have any questions/want more informatin please pm me, from there we can go skipe/msn whatever.

    Also forgot to mention i have all caster heirlooms (chest /shoulders/back/weapon/trinkets)

    I would like to use Service for transaction (cost will be divided between me and buyer) but i can accept normal as long as i feel the buyer is legit.
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