WTS: EU: 85 DK + high level Alts. £60!! Need quick sale

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    First things first, the reason i'm selling my account is that I really don't have time to play the game anymore and Iv'e got chance to go on holiday next week and this would be a big help towards me getting there.

    The DK on the account is the main toon on it. It is a Horde DK.He currently has almost full epic PvE tanking set. He also has Epic PVP weapon and a few pieces of epic pvp gear to go with it. He has a few rare mounts such as the Choppa, The Drake from doing all the # achievs in the Cata Dungeons aswell as the Ulduar 10 drake. His Professions are JC and Enchanting which he has maxed out.

    The Other chars on the account are 72 mage, 72 Hunter, 67 priest, 60 paladin and a twink 19 warrior.

    theres around 2K gold on the account as well as full heirlooms. The Dk is currently is a lvl 15 guild!

    NEED FAST SALE £60 thru PAYPAL... PM for MSN and Ill show Armoury etc
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