WTS: EU: 85 DK (full vicious)/DRUID (part vicious)/HUNTER - 75 WARRIOR - 70 PRIEST

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    I would like to sell my Human Death Knight (5/5 vicious, vicious offset, vicious weapons, darkmoon hurricane trinket) + master flying (other characters all have 280%) (JC/Blacksmithing maxed) .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=253359
    Night Elf Druid (3/5 vicious, vicious weapons) (Herbalism/Alch maxed) .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=253360
    Worgen Hunter (3/5 bloodthirsty) (Skinning maxed/LW at 480ish) .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=253361
    Also have a mining maxed DK (lvl 82) for grinding purposes with 280% mount .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=253362
    And a lvl 75 warrior with heirlooms (gnome). .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=253363
    and a 70 priest with some heirloom items (troll) .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=253364

    Please PM if you need more info or have offers.


    Min: 200€ (via paypal only)
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