WTS: EU: 85 DK BLOOD/FROST EPIC WTS: EU: horde + 2x80

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    Hello guys I would like to sell my death knight tank. 359 ilvl MS blood OS frost

    DK is exalted with all the cata factions
    BS/mining 525 archeology 525.
    Some PvP gear.
    OS frost (epic gear as well)
    Mounts: Skeletal raptor. ICC achievements dragon and red proto drake.
    2000 valor points.

    2nd char is 82 blood elf paladin female (ench/herb)

    3rd char is 80 tauren shaman male (Lw/ skinning)

    Acc has all the heirlooms u might need (including the guild ones)

    Acc gold: 30 000

    For more information about the price or anything else feel free to contact me.

    Skype: casper2903
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Thank you.
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