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    Hello everybody,

    I am selling my male undead mage and male goblin rogue.
    Gear is viewable up ahead.
    The mage is ilvl 357 and is ready for heroic raids.
    The rogue is level 62.
    Mage PVP gear Screenshot:

    Male undead mage is specced fire and offspecced frost.
    It's pvp gear is as followed:
    The rest is the same as the PvE gear.
    In pvp gear i have 1733 resilience.

    Mage PvE gear.

    In 10 man raids i manage to do between 18 and 23k dps.
    Pve stats self buffed are as followed:
    Health: 110381
    Mana: 87049
    Intellect: 4519
    Spirit: 210
    Stamina: 5252
    Spell Power: 6880
    Crit chance: 23.19%
    Hit chance: 16.01%
    Haste: 5.27%
    Mastery: 909

    Professions are mining 525 and jewelcrafting 513.
    I have 6 Jewelcrafting tokens so a few recipes can be bought.
    The character has 16000 gold currently and has the volcanic stone drake and red proto drake from Wrath of The Lich king. It also has a around 30 other mounts but none special.
    It has 3460 achievement points and 14 exalted reputations. Including exalted with all cataclysm factions.
    I am in a level 8 guild.
    1250 valor points
    4000 justice points
    1753 honor points
    310% flying mount volcanic stone drake.

    If you are interested or have any questions feel free to PM me and I will respond as soon as possible.
    The game time runs until somewhere in March where I will most likely extend it.
    Price is #.

    Best regards,

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