WTS: EU: 7x Lv 85's, including 2x Gladiator Priests+2200 warrior

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    I'm selling my WoW account due to not playing as much anymore, there's been ALOT of hours into this account and ill give you a full list
    of character details here :

    85 Horde Undead Priest: 8k ~ Achievement Points, Full Vicious/Rutless (Elite) + Full PvE T11 Heroic Shadow set, S8 Gladiator mount + alot of unobtainable other mounts+titles+achievements. 2 maxed proffs,155 ~ Days played.
    This was my main which has alot of mounts+different old sets in its bank.

    85 Horde Blood Elf Paladin: 5.5k ~ Achievement Points, Full Holy Vicious/Ruthless + Decent 359 PvE Holy set. 90~ Days played. 2 maxed proffs

    85 Horde Blood Elf DK: 1.8k Achievement Points, Blue + 359 geared, no proffs, 7~ days played
    85 Horde Undead Mage: 2.1k Achievement Points, Full Vicious + 359 PvE gear set. 2 maxed proffs. 12 days~ played
    85 Horde Undead Hunter: 1.9k Achievement Points, Vicious/Blue geared, no proffs
    85 Horde Shaman: ~1k Achievement Points, 359/Blue Geared, no proffs, ~ 5 days played.
    82 Alliance Rogue : 3.8k Achievement Points, Blue leveling gear, 2 maxed proffs, 55~ days played.
    83 Alliance Warlock : 2.7k Achievement Points, Full T10 Raiding gear, no proffs, 20~ days played.

    Different Realm:
    85 Alliance Priest: 2.6k Achievement Points, Full Vicious (elite), S9 Gladiator title (for this season being) +mount, 2 maxed proffs, 18 days ~ played.

    85 Alliance Warrior: 4.1k~ Achievment Points, Full Vicious (elite) + 359 tanking set, 2 maxed proffs, 132~ days played.

    Every character has the epic flying skill.
    Alot of character have items, realm first kill/level achievements that are no longer obtainable.
    Looking for a reasonable price, PM me for more info regarding price or character detail.
    Verified PayPal accounts only.

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