WTS: EU: 7x 85's, Very very interesting and unique offer.

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    Hello there, I want to sell my WoW account, account is EU, so if u decide to buy it here is what I got,

    85 Orc Warlock Horde Kilrogg 6/7 heroic achievement in firelands, 387ilvl, (386ilvl is PvE gear) MS affliction, with almost all heroic gear u can get up to date, second stage of legendary staff, OS demonology with very good demonology gear, I also have full PvP set with few ruth pieces, 525 inscription, 525 jewelcrafting, 310% flying speed.

    85 Tauren Shaman Horde Kilrogg 6/7heroic achievement in firelands, 10 unique titles, 384ilvl, (381ilvl is PvE gear) MS resto, with very nice heroic gear, OS elemental with also very nice HC gear, I also have full PvP set with few ruth pieces, and 1.5k 3v3 achievement, 525 alchemy, 400 blacksmithing(just enough to give you aditional 2 sockets in your bracer and gloves piece), 310% flying speed, 29 mounts of those 3 very rare and unique, 5k+ achi points.

    85 Orc Warrior Horde Kilrogg 7/7 Normal, 1/7 HC achievement in firelands, 377ilvl, (372ilvl is PvE gear) MS Protection, with almost all normal gear from Firelands u can get, OS Arms, with full season 10 set, 525 engineering, 525 mining, 280% flying speed, 4430 achi points.

    85 Blood Elf Mage Horde Kilrogg 7/7 Normal, 1/7 HC achievement in firelands, 369ilvl, MS Arcane, with nice gear and enough for few heroic modes in FL, OS Fire, I also have a bit of pvp gear about 3k resiliance, 525 tailoring, 525 skining, 280%flying speed, 3375 achi points, with 1 very rare flying mount.

    85 Blood Elf Priest Horde Kilrogg 7/7 Normal, recently dinged 85 and already 374 ilvl! Its shadow MS and disc OS, I have nice offspec gear as well, 150% flying, professions not maxed out, only 1.1k achi points, perfect char if u wish to start raiding as priest.

    85 Tauren Druid Horde Kilrogg 7/7 Normal, 377PvE gear ilvl, MS Balance with almost all gear u can get from normals, OS feral with also almost all gear u can get from normals, 280% flying, 540 herbalisam, used this char for farming when needed, but apart from that can do very very good dps with current gear as all my other characters.

    85 Undead Rogue Horde Kilrogg, 360 PvE gear ilvl, MS assasination, OS combat, didn't play much with him, but it would be very good reason for you to start playing one, as 4.3 is coming soon, and legendary daggers are coming along 525 skining 150% flying.

    85 Troll Death Knight Horde STORMSCALE, 369ilvl with nice frost gear and nice blood gear, PvE geared character, no pvp gear at all, can do more then 20k dps on any ecounter in FL and I believe it will do even better in next patch, 150% flying.

    81 Draenei Paladin Alliance Kilrogg, still has to be dinged/geared, it takes 1 day to get from 81 to 85, so it will cause no problems for you, 150% flying, 350 enchanting, 400 mining.

    I have all possible hairlooms on Kilrogg, I have many others alts that I didn't mention as I think its not worth mentioning characters lower then lvl 70, with buying my account goes all my time codes I payed so far, and all disks, from vanila to cataclysm.

    I live in Serbia, and best deal would be meeting in personal if possible, this is not mandatory tho, so PM me and we can have a different type of deal, as I respect everyones privacy.

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