WTS: EU: 7 level 85's

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    As the title sais. I'm not going give much info on this page, if you want more you'll have to contact me, pinpoiting such account is quite easy so I'll be as modest as I possible can with the information.

    Main: Druid Feral DPS 353 Ilvl/tanking 351
    - Alchemy - 525
    - Ench - 525
    - First aid - 525
    - Fishing - 525
    - Arch - 525
    - Cooking - 525
    Have plenty of titles and few now unobtainable mounts, plus some kick *** old Achvs.

    Alts(Ilvl from 320-340, depends on char):
    - Mage
    - Paladin
    - Rogue
    - Hunter
    - DK
    - Warrior

    Also have ALL PROFESSIONS in game to level 525, some obvious twiice, not the gatherer professions, they're also on the same chars to minimize the profs bonus loss (Mining+herb on one and Skinning+LW on the other).

    All characters have dual spec.

    All characters have 310% flying mount.

    All characters are on the SAME SERVER!!!

    Also have all BoA armor sets(even the helms/backs), most of the weapons, and all the trinkets. I do realize that most are useless on such account but you never know when you'll roll that second druid .
    It's my account, always has been, hence I have all the information you could possible need.
    Price: 200 Euros.
    If you're a scammer do NOT even think of contacting me, I will use the middle man service.
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