WTS: EU: 7 HIGH LEVEL CHARCATERS only 90 eurosMiddleman Seller Guide

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    1st character: Level 80 female Blood Elf Mage
    4800 gold
    280% flying mount skill
    460 Enchanting
    440 Tailoring
    450 Cooking
    307 fishing
    5 Titles

    2nd character: Level 80 male Undead Warlock
    280% flying mount skill
    442 Engineering
    450 Mining
    Area 52 teleport device and Flying machine

    3rd character: Level 80 male Orc Shaman
    440 Leatherworking
    450 Skinning

    4th character: Level 80 male Blood Elf Paladin
    449 Blacksmithing
    450 Mining
    Heirloom two handed Axe and Plate shoulders

    5th character: Level 77 male Undead Rogue
    280% Flying mount skill
    450 Skinning
    407 Leatherworking

    6th character: Level 73 male Tauren Hunter:
    431 Herbalism
    387 Inscription
    Heirloom Bow, shoulders and chest

    7th character: Level 73 male Night Elf Warrior

    All characters are on well popualted servers with good alliance/horde balance.
    All charcters except hunter and warrior are ready to start their quest in either Hyjal or Vashj'ir, all you need to do is upgrade your account to cataclysm!
    Send me an Email to deleted or contact me on MSN
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.