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    Hello guys, this is what im selling
    Human Rogue 85 level
    Human Priest 85 level
    Human Paladin 85 level
    Gnome Mage 85 level
    Draenei Shaman 85 level
    Worgen Warlock 85 level

    The total gold in my account is 40k
    All the characters have got epic flying mounts
    They are all ready for Cataclysm raids(talking about gear)
    In my acc I have the following professions
    Alchemy 525
    Herbalism 524
    Mining 525
    Enchanting 525
    Tailoring 375
    Enginering 400
    Blacksmitting 525
    Skining 525
    Leatherworking 525
    Jewelcrafting 525
    I also have old school shiet like t2 BWL achis sulfuras in some of the characters
    I has got Nethrwing,Red proto,rusted proto,ironbound proto drakes as well as both frostbrood vanquishers

    I want you to offer me a price as well as skype (or other connections). We will discuss different information and the money transfer. Only serious people please
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