WTS: EU: 5x85s! 90kgold++

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    Hello !
    WTS my wow account . im the real owner off the account. and have been the only player on it!
    I got 5 x 85s.
    Holy/Ret Paladin
    Arms/prot Warrior
    Frost/Fire Mage
    Disc/Shadow Priest
    Resto/Ele Shaman.

    82 Fire Mage
    82 Hunter , whit full 80 epic gear.
    Got 90k ++ golds on the account.
    Got Epic flying on all chars.
    Got almost full professions on 85chars. Alchemy,Herb,JC,Enchanting,Mining,Enginerring etc.
    Got alot of nice mounts to Chopper,Red proto,Rusted proto,Swift lovebird<3,Raven Lord ++.

    Add me on skype for a talk about the chars and price ! Skypename: tveter2
    Scammers can fck off . Dont have time to them .
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