WTS: EU: 5x85s 85 Rogue, Shaman, paladin, warrior, hunter

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    Looking to sell my WoW account with 5x 85s on the one account, as listed in the title

    Race / Gender / Class:
    85 Night elf female rogue
    85 Female Draenai Shaman
    85 Worgen Male Hunter
    85 Blood Elf male Paladin
    85 Orc Male Warrior

    Original Owner Yes/No: yes

    Secret Answer Yes/No: yes

    CD Keys Available / Original CC Information: CC information and also scanned copy of ID

    Rogue is seriously well geared with PVE heroic weapons and 4/5 T12 armour, was ranked in top 1000 at one point but lack in playtimes have pushed me down the rankings over the past month or so. 6/7 heroic firelands etc. Fully gemmed and enchanted with the best possible

    Paladin, shaman, hunter and warrior are all group geared, most with dual specs in good gear for both roles!

    Server Transferable Yes/No: Yes

    Willing To Provide Land Line Number Yes/No: Yes

    Account Suspended For Any Period Of Time : nope

    Payment Methods Available: Paypal

    Contact Information: PM Me on here

    This is an account which ive put a lot of time into, 5 classes at level 85 with mostly good gear and my rogue is exceptionally geared. Constantly hitting no1 dps spots in raids with a fully enchanted/gemmed set of armor.

    Perfect for anyone looking to jump into the game, or looking for another account.

    Rogue is 525 mining and 525 engineering
    Shaman is 525 herbalist and 525 alchemist
    Paladin is 525 inscription and 525 herbalist
    Hunter is 525 herbalist and 525 alchemist

    SHaman has maxed cooking and almost maxed fishing

    Will provide screenshots and armory details to anyone interested.

    PLenty of titles and fun clickies etc among the characters!

    PM me if you need more information

    Looking for $500 for this account, but will consider good options and/or Everquest 1 account trades!

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