WTS: EU: 5x85! Annual Pass + Diablo 3

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    Hey, back in september i started university and ever since ive had little or no time at all to play World of Warcraft, so this is why im here today! im wanting to sell my account which ive had for about 3 years.

    The account includes:
    Level 85 Restoration Shaman, 398 Item Level [Resto], 394 Item Level [Elemental] and 391 Item Level [Enhancement], 8/8 Normal Dragon Soul [T13] and 5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul, Also cleared all old content normal AND heroic

    Level 85 Feral Druid, 377 Item Level Resto and 385 Item LevelFeral, Cleared all content prior to T13

    Level 85 Frost Death Knight 384 Item level and Blood Tank 388 Item Level, 5/8 T13

    Level 85 Warlock, 383 Item level 4set T13

    Level 85 Warrior 381 Item level Arms and Prot, Was my main back in WOTLK so killed all ICC HC and Normal bosses etc

    Level 68 Priest
    Level 59 Paladin
    And many more alts level 40+

    If your interested in my account, you can add me on skype and we can work around a price on there im open to all price offers for this fantastic account and also im willing to show you pictures of the characters ingame etc.

    Thanks Alot for reading and i hope you like the account up for sale and im open to any questions you have.

    Skype : Ryan_phd
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