WTS: EU: 4x85s!

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    Hello !
    Want to sell my mage,priest,warrior and shaman !
    Im orginal owner of the account !

    Info about chars :
    85 Mage fire/frost . JCW 520 , Full pvp gear and pve gear .
    85 Warrior Enginerring and mining 525 . Raven lord mount.
    85 disc/shadow priest. Alchemy and herb 525 . Hog,venomhide and proto drake.
    85 reso/ele shaman . No proffs.

    Got also :
    82 mage
    81 hunter whit full 80s epic gear from wotlk,tbc and classic.
    64 rogue
    60 Lock whit full classic gear.

    Please contact me on skype for more info !
    Skype: tveter2
    Msn: horabob@hotmail
    Starting bid ! 200euro
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