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    To start off : ALL MY CHARACTER ARE ALLIANCE. EDIT : THis account also is signed up for Diablo 3.

    I am the original owner of the account, I will give every detail I can possibly supply, looking for sensable offers, also has several alts ( all 10 char slots are filled ) with characters pretty much levels 20-60 with full BOA items and so forth. Each of my characters listed below, are all : Gemmed, enchanted, geared as well as I can get them at this present moment. I just dont really want to play World of Warcraft anymore, I also am using my level 13 hunter to sell items on which he has around 30k gold at this second of time.

    Please offer me sensable prices, I will accept payments via Paypal only, and will probably only be via gift. Please let me know what you guys think, I can supply screenshots and such of the characters also.

    Protection/holy paladin :

    Well, this is my MAIN character. I have been playing it since just around half way through WOTLK and had alot of exp # that as holy, I also have some retri items in its bank aswell as some PvP gear for holy. It has 89 mounts, 102 companions, 372 IL as protection with nearly 7/7 Firelands. ( got to 10.08% ), it has had quite a few things on it. 310% flying mount, 8.2k acheiv points, quite a few titles. Nothing too special but I have been working on it quite a bit prepared to my other chars, it has anami battle bear ( i paid 24k for it ) tundrea ( 3 person mount with vendors ) and mecho hog etc so it isnt too bad of an character.

    Its professions :

    525 Blacksmithing
    525 Jewelcrafting
    525 Firstaid
    525 Fishing
    525 Cooking
    150 Archeology

    Blood/frost death-knight

    Well, what can I say about this character. It was first leveled just for professions, but I was happy enough to play it in PvP also the odd time to time its currently just under 360 IL if im not mistaken, and can handle alot of raids just not what i'd say for Firelands atm. It is quite a fun player to play, ive always enjoyed trying it out in things and I like to farm on it.

    Its professions :

    525 Mining
    525 Inscription

    Havent really worked on other professions, did have herblism but I wanted to get Inscription due to darkmoon cards etc for gold. This char currently has 280% mount.

    Holy/shadow priest

    This is my priest that I leveled as shadow mostly, but I think it was 1-53 I got as disc. After dinging around 60+ I kind of got bad at disc so I went holy, and enjoyed it ALOT more. So since then, ive had holy/shadow as my spec, shadow to level and if I wanted to PvP/instance i'd switch to Holy. It was a quite fun character to play, it has brewfest kodo and such on it but not really much else. It aswell as the DK has 280% mount, has a crafted carpet.

    It has a few PvP peices including a ruthless cloak that I won from BH. And a few other bits and peices to PvP with still, and is 367 IL.

    Its professions :

    525 Enchanting
    525 Tailering

    Restoration/feral druid

    This is my healbot for when I can be asked to play it, and if not my herblore character. I have played this character for a bit, not too much but a bit to get it pretty much full epic so far and also aswell as the priest has 1 Ruthless PvP item ( the waiste peice ), it has 280% flying and its feral gear isnt TOO good but is ok allthough not all of it is recommended to use as feral I was hoping to switch to moonkin soon, but didnt turn out that way.

    Its professions :

    525 Herblism
    525 Alchemy
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