WTS: EU: 3x85 1x81 1x80 more info inside !

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    Hi, as the tittle says i am selling my account with :
    85 tauren druid ilvl 357 has tanking gear/pvp good gear/boomkin gear;has epic flying and skining leatherworking on 525;
    85 undead warlock(bloodguard tittle from 60 +) has 350 ilvl,epic flying(cenarion war gryphon etc) and enchanting/mining/first aid on 525;
    85 orc shaman has 340 ilvl,herbalism and alchemy on 525;
    81 bloodelf paladin;
    80 troll hunter;
    73 nightelf DK
    and some lower lvl chars...

    Horde chars are on Tarren Mill EU one of the best realms on which is Ensidia...
    my msn is - [email protected] pls only serious ppl add me couse this account is made august 2005 and never been scammed or smth like that so you wont do it either...
    only payment method is western union,who dont wanna do WU dont add me.

    Price bid is 215euros so will w8 for week to see if i get any good bids.
    Forward thx
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.