WTS: EU: 367 Ilvl Holy-Retri ; LEGENDARY ; 9.6k Achi; 121 Mounts

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    Want to Sell Holy Paladin 85 lvl EU PVP server.

    Items: 367 Average Item LVL
    -365 Equiped item lvl on Holy PVE spec - 5/5 Full Tier 11 Heroic and Normal Set Items and 9 x 372 Heroic Items, rest 359 Epics;
    -364 Equiped item lvl on Holy PVP spec All items Vicious Gladiator -5/5 Vicious Gladiator Set (17 x Vicious Gladiator ITems -3900 Resi);
    -359 Equiped item lvl on RetriPVE spec - 3 x Tier 11 Set Items , Weapon from Cho'gall, 2 x 372 Heroic Items and several other 359 epics.

    -All profesions are Maxed 525. Primary Enginering (almost all recieps discovered) and Inscription (all Glyphs discovered).

    Raid Cata Progres:
    -Raid progres 12/12 and 8/13 HEroic Bosses killed.
    -Cata Dangeons and RAids: -Defender of the Shattered World;
    -Glory of the Cataclysm Hero.

    -Sulfurus Hand Of Ragnaros;
    and working on:
    -10 [Fragment of Val'anyr] for Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings;
    -Collecting Shadowfrost Shards. On 7th Quest Atm for Shadowmourne.

    -Exalted with 36 Reputations.
    -6/6 Cata Rep on Exalted.
    -35 Titles.

    -9600 Achivment Points
    -23 Feats of Strenght.

    Mounts,Companions and RP items.
    -121 Mounts.
    -95 Companions.
    -Alot of RP items: for Transforming, Collector edition , Loot Card Items, Old Scool Sets and Weapons...

    -Arena Progres in Cata 1950+ in 2v2 and 3v3.

    -9x Old Scool full Sets.

    -40 days Play time left.

    -35k gold.
    -310% Flying speed
    -Buyed all Mounts from NPC for Gold and Badges

    -6k Valor Points
    -5.5k Conquest Points

    Accepting offers! 100 Euro current Bid.
    I am original owner of this Account, and ofc i have full Account Information.
    Payment : Working only with Moneybookers and WU.
    I prefer to use MM (middle man) for safe Trade.
    I can show the character ingame.
    For more information:
    MSN: robertopaseyro@hotmail
    Holtamil: robertopaseyro@hotmail
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