WTS: EU: 358ilvl Priest. 85 druid + Alot of alts.

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    Hello all, First of all this is EU.

    Character number 1-
    85 Goblin priest (Female)
    Some of the gear isnt showing up, not sure why, but:
    t11 Shoulders
    t11 Chest
    Darkmoon card: Tsunami (Second trinket)
    Valor feet
    Blackwing Wrists
    Black wing legs

    525 Tailroing
    525 JC
    525 Archology
    525 Fishing
    525 Cooking

    Over all Ilvl: 358

    85 Tauren Druid: - .armoryx/anonymous-wow-profile/5891380
    Full crafted blud leather pvp gear.
    525 Mining
    540 Herb

    80 Dk (525 Alchemy, Inscription)
    80 mage
    80 Shaman
    69 Rogue
    66 Pala
    61 Warlock

    All characters are on the same server.
    Total gold: Around 60k with quite a few mates to sell.
    Playtime active for around 2 weeks.

    All characters have Epic flyer. Priest has quite a few titles, mounts etc.

    This is a linked battle.net. On one of the other accounts is a 80 Warlock (Doesn't get used)

    I am Orginal owner. I can provide all the details, Including a I.D scan (Might not be able to find the cd-keys, but will look)

    The account has had 0 Warnings, suspensions etc.

    Price is undecided as of yet, but open to offers. As you can see this is a sweet account and wont be listening or replying to silly offers.

    Payment can be done through Paypal, or if your from UK bank 2 bank transfer.

    Scammers dont even bother, be around far to long to fall for any bullshit.

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