WTS: EU: 3 85s (Shaman, Hunter and Death Knight)

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    Hey, i want to sell my account including these characters:
    (I am the Original Owner)

    Night Elf Male, Spinebreaker PvP
    Corporal PvP Title From vanilla
    Stonecore Mount
    280% flying

    334 iLvL


    + some other titles

    Death Knight:
    Dwarf Male, Ravencrest PvP
    Just a plane PvP character, no vanity.
    354 iLvL


    Taruen Male, Balnazzar PvP
    Nothing very special, but he has the Rocket Mount
    Pvp geared aswell, 358 resto


    There is currently no gametime on the account, and im not planning to add it either. im selling because im tired of these games, and im not interested in starting playing again. so this means that i will not be interested in trading for any game account. Only selling.

    Im open to all offers, and ill take the one i feel suits the account best, so no stupid underpriced offers.

    Hit me with any off, and ill consider it. No price is set yet. Willing to sell VERY cheap.

    Paypal will be used.

    Add my MSN: [email protected]
    also available on skype almost 24/7: havardsj
    Please send a PM here, # you contact me.
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