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    On this Account there is 1 85 priest with an ilvl of 357 and He is a male undead with a full set of bloodthirsty with 9 pieces of Vicious pieces also He has got 525 tailoring and 405 archaelogy.

    There is also an 85 Warrior with an ilvl of 356 and he has got an arms/fury spec he has got Two vicious 2handers for fury and the burst is incredible! he has got a full bloodthirsty set and 6 Vicious pieces. for proffesions he has got 525 Engineering and 525 Mining.

    There is also an 85 Frost/fire mage with an ilvl of 336, This is the most Overpowering Class In pvp at the moment Now this character has got 432 enchanting and this character has got 2 bloodthirsty pieces ( Shoulders, Chest) And 2 vicious pieces (Head,gloves)

    There is also An 80 elemental Shaman with the Kingslayer title! and Full 264 gear
    There is also An 80 Marksman hunter with The Deathbringers will trinket with full 277 gear
    There is also An 81 Unholy Deathknight with full 269 gear
    There is also Full heirloom gear for every Class So you can level what ever class you want with ease

    On this account there are the 6 most Powerful classes in the game which are all getting buffed next patch!!

    Please Ring me On 07772324117
    Please add me on skype Arathoswow
    Please pm me on here

    i will consider all offers

    Thanks and good luck
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